The First Signs of Gingivitis

dental care NaplesDo you notice that your gums bleed? Perhaps you’ve found some blood on your toothbrush or your dental floss. Most of the time, bleeding gums is a symptom of gingival irritation, which is often a sign of gingivitis. Fortunately, improved oral hygiene and dental care from our dentist can help reverse these symptoms.

Gingivitis can develop quickly. If left untreated with professional dental care, this condition can progress into periodontitis – a condition so destructive that it erodes bone and destroys teeth.

It’s important for patients to look for signs of gum disease so that it can be stopped in its tracks. Following are common signs that your gums might be in trouble.

Bleeding Gums

Sure, our gums can bleed if we floss incorrectly or brush too vigorously, but if your gums bleed during gentle brushing and flossing, you may have gingivitis.

If you find that your gums do bleed during brushing and flossing, it is important to continue on with your daily oral hygiene routine. Be sure to brush and floss with gentle techniques. If bleeding persists, we recommend that you call our practice to schedule an appointment with our dentist.

Inflamed Gingiva

Gums that appear swollen and puffy are inflamed. If a person has gingivitis or periodontitis, their gums will often appear irritated because the gingiva is inflamed by bacteria found in plaque and tartar.

In severe cases of gum disease, the gums may also develop sores and pockets of pus. These symptoms are especially serious and will require dental care as soon as possible.

Discolored Gums

Inflammation and irritation of the gingiva can lead to the gums appearing discolored. They may appear bright red as well as blue or purple. Discoloration can accompany gingivitis as well as more advanced forms of gum disease.

Treating gingivitis involves committing to a thorough oral hygiene routine complete with daily flossing. Some patients may require more frequent dental cleanings and specialized treatments. If you think you might have gingivitis, call Smile Naples to reserve an appointment with our dentist.

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